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Residential Drain Cleaning

Affordable Drain Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Have you ever found yourself faced with the unsightly, smelly problem of backed-up drains? If you’ve tried to cleaning your own drain, you know how stubborn grime, hair, mineral deposits, and other debris can be at blocking your pipes.

Instead of struggling through this messy, difficult task alone, turn to Murphy's Plumbing Service! Our licensed plumbers have cleared the most stubborn clogs from showers, kitchen sinks, and toilets across Northern Virginia. No pipe is too far gone for our professional technicians!

Drain Cleaning Services That Actually Work

Unlike many local drain cleaning companies, we do far more than the bare minimum; we treat you and your home’s plumbing system with the service you deserve from start to finish.


Our affordable drain cleaning services include:

  • A pre-cleaning inspection

  • Timely repairs for any broken or malfunctioning components

  • Thorough elimination of all grime and foreign objects

  • If necessary, we offer advanced hydrojetting processes that clean built-up minerals and stubborn grease

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